Modern Day Dog Training, LLC

Tacoma's Force-Free Dog Training

Modern Day Dog Training, LLC in Tacoma, WA is an all breed positive reinforcement dog training service. Offering excellent Bully Breed classes for all Pit Bull type dogs.

Modern Day Dog Training, LLC serves Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Here, we utilize the most current and effective techniques available for dog training. At Modern Day Dog Training, you get instructed on how to effectively and properly train your dogs using positive reinforcement clicker training. The behaviors that you train your dog using positive reinforcement clicker training will have a life long impact on your dog.

While Modern Day Dog Training focuses on providing quality dog training for all breeds of dogs, Modern Day Dog Training is an active member in the community for bringing positive awareness to people in regards to Pit Bull type dogs. Modern Day Dog Training's goal is to provide positive solutions to the current issues that surround our communities beloved Pit Bull type dogs. Modern Day Dog Training supports bringing an end to the ineffective nationwide Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) laws that restricts people from being able to adopt or own various breeds of dogs that their cities/ states deemed as "dangerous". Here at Modern Day Dog Training, we believe that all dogs regardless of the breed should be evaluated (not judged) by the dogs individual personality characteristics and not by the breed of dog.

Positive Reinforcement Clicker Training

Positive Reinforcement Clicker Training is a scientific method which involves a marker and a reward that the dog truly desires. The clicker serves as a marker, every time we "click" the clicker, we are telling the dog that at the exact moment they heard the click they did what we wanted them to do. Every time we click the clicker, a reward needs to be given to the dog so that the dog makes the association of hearing the click means they did something right and a reward is on its way. If the dog does something that we don't want it to do, we simply ignore that behavior. By ignoring the incorrect behavior we are telling the dog to try again. With positive reinforcement clicker training, the dog will never get punished if it does an incorrect behavior. With this technique, your dog will grow a stronger bond with you and will never be fearful of you or during your training sessions.

Many people believe that you will have to use a clicker and treats for the rest of the dogs life in order for your dog to perform the behaviors that you asked, that is not the case at all. Once your dog has fully learned the behavior using a clicker and positive reinforcement, you no longer have to use these items when asking your dog to do a behavior, you can simply give your dog a neck scratch or say "good boy/ good girl"... although, your dog will never be upset to receive a treat every now and then for doing a behavior well! 


If you have any questions please contact Modern Day Dog Training, LLC at: or (253) 328-3436