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Tacoma's Force-Free Dog Training

Modern Day Dog Training, LLC in Tacoma, WA is an all breed positive reinforcement dog training service. Offering excellent Bully Breed classes for all Pit Bull type dogs.

Bully Breed Classes

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Britt and Larry-Britt and Larry-0020.jpg

Bully Breed Classes


The Bully Breed Classes are offered to all Bully Breeds and Bully mixes at a discounted rate. These classes will be held on Saturdays at a local Tacoma park. The Bully Breed classes will be offered in 3 classes, each session is an hour long.

**Classes will start December 13, 2014, please contact Modern Day Dog Training to sign up and to get the class schedule.**

 Below you will find what each session will cover.

Bully Breed Class #1:

- Sit

- Lie down

- Touch hand/ Gesture recall

- Name recall/ Name recognition

- Dog body language will be discussed in class to help you better understand your dogs emotional state.

Bully Breed Class #1 Enrollment: $30.00


Bully Breed Class #2:

- Settle on a mat

- Leave it/ Take it

- Follow finger/ Signal recall

- Stay

Bully Breed Class #2 Enrollment: $30.00


Bully Breed Class #3:

- Loose leash walking

- Polite greet when a person approaches your leashed dog

- Focus on handler when a dog approaches from a distance (both dogs will be leashed).

Bully Breed Class #3 Enrollment: $30.00

** Price includes a clicker with each new enrollment, you will receive your clicker at the time of the first class.**



Hand-outs will be given at each class for at home training/ help.

Each new enrollment price includes a clicker, clicker will be given to you at the time of class.

- 5 dogs per. class, sign up quickly as class space is limited.

** To sign up, please email Modern Day Dog Training at or call (253) 328-3436.**

- ALL Adopted/ Rescue Bully Breeds are eligible for a $5.00 discount per. Bully class, discount will be taken off at the time of payment. (Max. discount $15.00 if you purchase all 3 sessions) Must show proof of adoption.

- You can purchase these classes individually at the time of each class or you can purchase all 3 classes together (pre-pay for the 3 sessions).

-Classes must be taken in order (Bully Class #1, #2, #3).

- If your dog already knows some of these behaviors, we will build on them adding distance, duration, and distractions.


- NO CHOKE, PRONG, SHOCK/ ELECTRIC COLLARS ALLOWED. If your dog pulls, it's highly suggested to get a harness for your dog.

- If your dog is severely aggressive towards people or other dogs, you will be asked to take private lessons to allow your dog to have a successful training experience. The private classes will be offered at the discounted rate of $40.00 per. session.

- If your dog cannot handle the group training session due to over stimulation, can't focus, etc, private classes will be offered at the same discounted rate of $30.00 per. session at a park setting but not within a group.

What YOU need in order to be prepared for class:

- Treat pouch/ Treat bag (these can be found at any pet store).

- PLENTY of high value treats that your dog LOVES. We use a lot of rewards, it will be beneficial to bring extra treats, just in case.

- Non Flexi- Leash

- Water and water bowl for your dog

- A mat for session #2 (Settle on mat).

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