Modern Day Dog Training, LLC

Tacoma's Force-Free Dog Training

Modern Day Dog Training, LLC in Tacoma, WA is an all breed positive reinforcement dog training service. Offering excellent Bully Breed classes for all Pit Bull type dogs.

Puppy Class Package

Puppy Class Package


The Puppy Class Package will effectively teach your dog to do the following behaviors:

* Sit

* Lie Down

* Touch Hand/ Signal Recall

* Settle On Mat

* Leave it/ Take It

* Name Recall/ Name Recognition

* Stay

* Loose Leash Walking

Dog body language will be discussed in class to help you better understand your dogs emotional state.

The Puppy Class Package is offered in 5 weekly sessions of an hour long each session. These classes are flexible, you can reschedule your session if you are unable to make it. You will never "lose" a session.

The price includes a clicker which will be given to you at the time of your first session.

What YOU need in order to be prepared for class:

* Treat pouch/ Treat bag (these can be found at any pet store).

* Plenty of high value treats that your dog loves, it's suggested to bring extra treats as you will be rewarding your dog frequently with treats.

* Non-Flexi leash.

* Water and water bowl.

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