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Modern Day Dog Training, LLC in Tacoma, WA is an all breed positive reinforcement dog training service. Offering in-home training, the trainer comes to you!

While You're Out 13 Session Program


While You're Out 13 Session Program


What is the While You’re Out Training Program?

The While You’re Out Training Program is a convenient way to give dogs the training they need as well as an outlet for their energy and mental stimulation needs during the day while you’re out of the house or at work. One of the benefits of this program is that the trainer comes to your home 3 times a week and works with your dog one on one leaving little to do on your part for those who have a busy schedule and you can come home to a better behaved, happy dog!

The training in your home will always be force- free, absolutely no pain, fear, or intimidation tactics used whatsoever, that is a guarantee. While you’re away at work, the trainer will teach your dog his or her manners, give an outlet for the dogs energy, or even take your dog out on a walk to release energy but to also work on leash skills if that is something that you wanted.

At the consultation we will discuss your training goals for your dog as well as schedule the days and times for the training to take place. Full payment will be due at the time of the consultation. At this time you would also instruct me how to access your home, provide a key or show me where to locate the key.

Another perk of While You’re Out program is that I will do all the consistent and repetitive training work and practice with your dog. This is often the most common area in which the training breaks down with owners and their dogs and it generally stems from lack of available time to work with the dog or keep up the consistency.

How the program works:

After the initial consultation, I come to your home during the day at the scheduled time for one hour to work on the behaviors that we discussed along with allowing the dog some mental and physical stimulation as well as a bathroom break. That day, I will email you a summary of the behaviors and or activities that we did and simple instructions on how you can practice them.

There is one transfer session, this session is also an hour long. The transfer session will be with you and your family to see final results as well as information on how to maintain these behaviors and continue your dogs training progress.

What’s Included:

  • Initial consultation

  • 12 (1-hour) sessions of training time with your dog at your home

  • Training plan tailored to your dog

  • Emailed summary for each visit along with practice instructions

  • Continued support via email, phone, or text

  • 1 (1-hour) transfer session at your home to go over learned behaviors as well as instructions on how to maintain your dogs training progress

** The While You’re Out program is not available for dogs with aggression issues, please see the private in-home training options for training assistance.**

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