Modern Day Dog Training

Tacoma's Force-Free Dog Training

Modern Day Dog Training, LLC in Tacoma, WA is an all breed positive reinforcement dog training service. Offering in-home training, the trainer comes to you!

My frustrations and fears melted away when my reactive, neglected and abused pitbull rescue curled up next to Brittanie on my couch as if to say, “Finally. After three interviews with trainers, she’s the perfect fit for me.” Brittanie is the calmness in the chaos of choices in dog trainers, their methods, and their business management. Brittanie brought out the BEST in my dog and me, taking us both from uncertainty and isolation to confident, happy, and active members of our dog community. She keeps her Facebook page humming with sought-after relevancy that is of tremendous, ongoing support. She is a RARE find: 5+STARS!!!
— Barb Craig
I’m so thrilled with the tools, perspective, and affirmation that Brittanie offered to me. As a first time dog owner, I have so many questions, so much to learn, and second guess many self-taught means of raising a fantastic dog. To have Modern Day Dog Training as a resource truly is a weight off my shoulders. I appreciated that our session started with her quiet and mindful evaluation of my dog’s behavior as well as my reaction. And from that, she quickly put a plan in place and we got to work. It made for an easy hour of practice and learning to be proactive rather than reactive. Our session finished with peace-of-mind and many questions resolved, but more importantly, a sense of accomplishment and confidence moving forward. I’m certain I’ll have new questions down the line and look forward to connecting with Brittanie again! With no hesitation, I recommend this business
— Kyle Schumacher
Brittanie, of Modern Day Dog Training, is amazing! She helped me disprove the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” my man is an 11yr old lab and he never received proper training on a leash. We adopted him at age 10 and I tried everything to get him to walk on a leash and not drag me the whole way and have “meltdowns” when we passed other dogs. I went as far as the prong collar, which I wasn’t proud of. But after training with Brittanie, my old man, walks with little to no pulling, and very rarely has a meltdown around other dogs! In fact, if he sees another dog, he immediately looks to me. He is also off the prong collar and we now use a harness! I would highly recommend Brittanie for your pups training needs, no matter the age or breed!
— Annamaria Demonte
Brittanie did amazing work with me and my reactive shepherd. When Brittanie first met us Hilda was lunging and barking at her and overstimulated at the park. By the very next visit she was all wiggles to hang out with her new friend. We worked together for several weeks, and I feel confident that I could always call on her services!
Brittanie helped me so much and used great work in positive reinforcement and shaping. She went slow with us at my pace and always made me feel comfortable and confident.
Her pup Quincy is also a total love! He helped Hilda learn a non-reactive way to approach a new pup. He was very relaxed and didn’t mind my girls antics.
Brittanie’s help is worth every penny (...and more- don’t forget to tip!)
— Courtney Neubauer
Brittanie was such a HUGE HELP with our English Bulldog, Vern. He was constantly jumping on everybody who walked in the door. Brittanie nipped that right in the bud, teaching us how to train him to stay on the ground when guests (or we!) arrived. He also had a lot of reactivity towards little kids his own height. She taught us how to train him to stay down, and not jump/knock over little humans. She also helped with his dog reactivity, since he really didn’t get much socialization as a puppy and is NOT comfortable around other dogs. She uses completely positive training, so we felt very comfortable utilizing her approaches. Honestly she trained us on how to be better dog owners, not just Vern on how to be better behaved. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend checking her out. She is super easy to work with and will give you the confidence you need in helping to train your dog!
— John Breda
Brittanie was awesome with our pup! She was patient and explained things thoroughly so we understood what our dogs prospective was in each situation. I would highly recommend her and we will definitely contact her in the future for our training needs!
— Amy Judd
Brittanie was AMAZING! We have a French Bulldog puppy that needed some serious training. After the first visit Bronson (our puppy) was sitting, when told to do so. Brittanie was extremely patient, kind, and loving. Bronson could feel her comforting energy immediately. After a few more training sessions, he was walking well, sitting, staying, and without treats! She had a solution whenever we felt he was setback. I would highly recommend Brittanie as a trainer. She is an expert in what she does and it’s obvious she LOVES doing it! Thanks Brittanie! I know Bronson misses you!
— Shital Patel
We had never owned a large breed dog and had recently added an American Bully to our family. Brittanie is amazing. Our puppy Milo absolutely loves her and has learned so much. We have also learned so much to help us continue training Milo between sessions. Brittanie has been so helpful in answering questions and helping us understand Milo’s needs and behaviors. I also love the one on one training where I can receive instructions as well as Milo to achieve the desired results and not get lost in the shuffle when in a larger class type setting. I highly recommend Brittanie and we are looking forward to our next set of sessions.
— Kim McClure
Brittanie was great! As a first time dog owner, I greatly benefited from her guidance and expertise. She was flexible, easy to schedule with and was always on time. Both puppy and I learned a lot! Highly recommend!
— Vanessa Lanza
I used Modern Day dog trainings services when 2 of my pups started acting out, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing positive reinforcement training for their furry family members!
— Michele Zyph
Absolutely an amazing positive training program to go through! She was always available to answer any questions and worked so well with both of my dogs. I was extremely impressed and happy of how fast my dogs reacted to the clicker training and it was all focused on positive reinforcement. I would definitely recommend Modern Day Dog Training to anyone with any breed whether it’s puppy training or just some challenging behavior!
— Callie Van Holland
Modern day dog training, Thank you so much! Brittanie you are so awesome, kind, and positive! If you want to hire a trainer, she’s the one you need!
— Carla Tompkins
We got our first American Bulldog last summer and Brittanie helped us so much! We were a little overwhelmed with our ‘headstrong’ boy and she was so helpful! She continues to be helpful when new things come up she makes herself available to give us new ideas to try! We highly recommend her!
— Gina Halcomb
Brittanie has been a great help in training my rescue dog. Brittanie is kind and gentle. We have had some challenges and with each one Brittanie develops a plan that is created with not only my dog but with me in mind. I also know Brittanie loves dogs she cares and that is demonstrated in the training methods she uses rewarding no harsh methods . I have learned so much as has my dog we look forward to our appointments it is great to see your dog learn. I highly recommend Modern Day Dog Training.
— Michelle Swienty
Brittanie is fantastic. She is so sweet. We have a 2 year old Weimaraner who is a rescue dog we got 1-1/2 months ago. With clicker training Tucker did amazing. Brittanie helped us figure out why Tucker would not learn to STAY. I was having the hardest time, he just couldn’t get it. In fact when we said Stay he would start going bizerk! He had horrible separation anxiety also. Brittanie said it could be the word, it had some other meaning for him. So she changed it to WAIT. Almost immediately Tucker was calm, and Brittanie was able to teach him in baby steps with clicker. Tucker had it down in under 10 minutes. Brittanie is very knowledgeable and was very patient with my husband and I teaching Tucker. With her method she had Tucker learning very fast. We spent 1 session just asking her questions to help us with some of Tucker’s behavior problems. She was very helpful in solving some of Tuckers anxiety issues. Brittanie is worth every penny! You will learn a lot in, and accomplish a lot in every session.
— Sharie Hankemeier
Brittanie was excellent with our Lab/Dalmatian. Daisy immediately took to her. We HIGHLY recommend Modern Day Dog Training to anyone who likes a well-behaved dog.
— Sonya Acord
Awesome training, I would refer anybody who has a Pit Bull. It definitely has helped me out a lot to get more of an understanding of the breed and also positive training for my dog, Aria
— Joshua McCleary
Amazing!! Brittanie helped myself and my dog learn how to understand each other without one of us getting frustrated with the other. I loved working with her and will be using her for all my future puppy training needs!!
— Jennifer Ackerman
Brittanie was awesome!! She was able to get our Pit/Lab and Blue Heeler eating out of her hands in a matter of minutes. She also created a great training plan that show’s exactly what we should do to continue the training. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and the dogs loved her. I would recommend her to anyone with a “naughty” pup.
— Nancy Huseman
This is now my second time working with Brittanie and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Both my dogs are rescues, the newest one having a pretty sad story. I REALLY wanted to keep her but didn’t think it wouldn’t work out due to her aggression against my other dog. We’re still doing sessions but we are making so much progress every day due to the tools and perspective she has given our family. I’m a single parent and can’t afford a lot but it was worth every penny (well priced for this kind of training) BOTH times for the peace of mind we have gotten.
— Tawnee Woods
I love Modern Day Dog Training. She trains us to train our dog. It is 100% positive training. There isn’t one negative reaction to our puppy’s behavior. He responds so well to her methods.
— Cassie Petty
Brittanie is wonderful. She was patient and flexible with me, and gentle and consistent with our dogs. I highly recommend her!
— Mindy Breiner
As the dog coord for HAVA, sitting on the board of the Jack Russel WA/ID/OR rescue, and a partner with Lucky Paws rescue, I continuously refer people with training needs to Brittanie. She practices true positive based training, there are many trainers out there that claim to be positive but actually sandwich in prong, e-collars, and other aversive methods with surface based positivity. Brittanie’s training methods are science based, continually evolving, and will bring out the best behavior in your dog along with providing a solid trust-based relationship between you and your dog.
— Christine Balcom
Brittanie is amazing! We adopted a special needs girl from a shelter and she has given us so many tips with how to help with her resource guarding and marking in the house. I am so happy for the training plan Brittanie provided and how calm she is around our very excited Nova. Nova is still a work in progress but she at least has stopped peeing in the house! Her confidence has grown so much! We couldn’t have done it without Brittanie and I am grateful that we didn’t give up on our Nova. Nova has so much personality and is absolutely fearless! We seriously are so grateful for all the help we received from Brittanie and if you are looking for an amazing trainer, I recommend Brittanie for your needs. Thank you so much Brittanie!!!
— Megan Cook
Brittanie shows positive leadership qualities with dogs and their people! As I’m originally from Tacoma and still have friends there, I’ll be happy to refer people to Modern Day Dog Training.
— Tracee Sule
Brittanie is a dedicated, adaptable, and ambitious trainer. Her force free style of training develops an unbreakable bond between you and your dog. She is a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior and an avid activist for the bully breed. I would not hesitate to recommend Modern Day Dog Training to everyone!
— Jamie Adcock, Owner of Barking Farm Leashes and Collars
Brittanie is a hard working dog lover! If you ever need any help with your dog call her she has wonderful ideas that work! Not to mention all the amazing things her lovely dog Quincy can do, that speaks for itself!
— Courtney Kantola
When I sought out Modern Day Dog Training, LLC my dog had just jumped a 6 ft fence to chase a cat.... He’s a 2 yr old 84 lb AMSTAFF. I was pretty much at my wits end and worried that he was going to be THAT dog in the neighborhood... tried the dog whisperer thing and that wasn’t working. I had chosen the private training because I wasn’t sure how Abe would’ve reacted to other dogs. I think the training was for me and not Abe. I chose Brittanie because she works with pitbulls and I felt that she knew more about the breed than I did. She was very patient with Abe and very patient with me and I NEVER felt rushed for time. She was very knowledgeable about the behaviors my dog was displaying, walking him was a workout on my arms with his pulling and out of control behavior. After the first session I seen immediate change in Abe. After all 3 sessions he has made better choices, walks have become a dream, Abe has become a more balanced dog, and we even took him to his first Festival where everyone loved him and he made it a joy to have him with us, he walked like a champ and he didn’t react to other dogs! I’m so glad we found Modern Day Dog Training, LLC!!
— Val Llagan
I have known Brittanie a long time and I was so excited she was training to be a dog trainer. She really takes the time with puppies and parents. She goes over the needs and problems and how to address them. My Rottweiler and I are more than happy she is working with us!
— Joel Roberts
It has been fantastic to find a trainer with such enthusiasm for canines! I love the dedication Brittanie has to getting things done in a positive way! Highly recommend!
— Beth Yandell-Johnston
Finally! A dog trainer that actually cares as much about my furbabies as I do. So glad we found Brittanie, my pups would recommend her themselves if they could.
— Alyssa Buller
My family had adopted a 3 year old Pit Bull who was in a rescue shelter all his life. Bear was not very well socialized with children and my children we’re not socialized with rescue canines. Brittanie Pivinski,owner of Modern Day Dog Training, LLC, called me on the phone prior to us meeting. We discussed what was happening between Bear and my 9 yr old daughters so she could gather educational material for us the parents and my daughters. When she arrived on Saturday she spent time talking to us with Bear and our other canine Daisy present to get to know us in person and see how we interact. Brittanie spent quality dedicated time with my daughters teaching them how to read Bear his body language, ensuring he is comfortable with them, to show them he does not have to fear them. With her teachings a month later Bear now goes up to my daughters for affection, treats, eats out of their hand. He is a totally more positive canine with the girls then he was before. Thank you Brittanie for all your expertise and insight with my Bear and helping bridge with the girls. BTW Brittanie does continuous check ups with us to make sure we are still doing good and positively changes.
— Pamela Enright
I was very impressed with Brittanie’s level of education. Wow we really need more force free trainers in the Tacoma area. She has an incredible love for dogs and a heart for the very misunderstood Pit Bull breed. Tacoma is lucky to have Brittanie changing lives one dog at a time.
— Heidi Steinbeck
Excellent training all the way around!
I was very lucky to have met Brittanie, she is very knowledgeable and had lots of patience with my dog (Percy) and I during our training sessions. She taught us different behaviors/commands during the training sessions and then gave us homework to practice them later on. She really cared about my dog’s wellbeing and she always cared to ask about any unusual behaviors or concerns. Overall, I am pleased with the results of my dog’s training and to have met such a wonderful and caring person!!
— Maria Vazquezc
What a great person! She taught me so much and gave me so much information on how to train my dog. She has great knowledge and patience and is just an all around great nice girl will be using her again for our other dogs! Thanks so much!
— Ashleigh Johnson
She’s wonderful at what she does! You’ll never meet anyone else more passionate, dedicated and in love with her job!
— Chelsey Grant
Brittanie is amazing with our dog. I don’t think you’ll find anyone that is more knowledgeable about trying to work with those tough little pups that don’t want to listen. She’s always patient and just has a genuine love for what she does.
— Tina Pivinski
I met Brittanie when we both were volunteering at the Humane Society. We were lucky to learn from an excellent dog trainer Elaine Graham and were fortunate to get exposed to clicker training as well. Brittanie was always there to help me as well as other dog walkers, trainers what have you at the shelter learn the basic manners that were taught there as well as just common sense advice about how to treat dogs. I loved working with her and she is one dedicated girl. She went through Karen Pryors academy and is now certified and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of her. It is a lot of work and her and Quincy (the most adorable pit bull lab you will ever meet) put in the time and effort and they will do the same for you and your dog. Give her a call and you will not be sorry! She knows her stuff and that is what you want from a good dog trainer. Someone who is passionate about what they do.
— Kayla Smith
Brittanie really knows her stuff! She is so knowledgeable about all dogs, not just Pits. She has a genuine love for dogs and it shows. You and your dog will definitely learn a lot from her. I HIGHLY recommend her!
— Angela Horsley
She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is also very dedicated. She has been sick and she still got back to me with a detailed answer. It really seems like she cares and wanted to help me solve my problem. I give 5 stars because she earned it!
— Chilsey McKee
Brittanie has provided an excellent alternative to the outdated methods of training your dog. You aren’t just training him to sit and stay you’re forming a relationship based on trust. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for the best possible option for their canine best friend.
— Sarah Harris
We look forward to sending many more referrals her way! Brittanie is knowledgeable in dogs, dog behavior, and training techniques - while keeping it all positive! Dogs of all ages and breeds will benefit from training at Modern Day Dog Training.
— Carol Hibner Saunders owner of Positive Pooches Daycare
My girl took the Bully Breed class. She did very well and even learned to shake. She thrives on positive attention and these classes helped us to bond. Highly recommend.
— Natalie Kayl
So excited to see another positive reinforcement trainer! Thank you and lots of happy wags!
— Susi Hankins